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kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. . >> they never called me they never gave me an answer. an angry mother, what she is demanding after the fatal shooting of her son.
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plus the countdown, the big debate why president barack obama and mitt romney are trying to lower expectations. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you, we are ready, it is october 3rd. >> are you anything the eat? >> not too much. they went from that foggy september and where is that summer and everybody starts complaint -- complaining. west wind is trying to ramp up but it's there and 90s inland. 880 and oakland looks good and you are probably aware there is a big a's baseball game and that means at 4:00
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sore so, -- or so, maybe before that the commute will be tough. also on the san mateo bridge, it looks good getting out to the high-rise, let's go back to the desk. firefighters are still watching for hot spots. claudine wong has moved to the back of the home where the fire did most of the damage, claudine wong? >> reporter: you can see the charred remains of what is left of this house and firefighters are still keeping an eye on things incase it flares up. that building is slanted and we had a partial roof collapse this morning and it caused some big concerns and they had to get the firefighters out. we can tell you no firefighters were hurt but the five people
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inside that building have defined a place to live. this is something you will only see on 2. firefighters first got the call and when they got on the scene they realized they were dealing with heavy flames and police officers had to evacuate one of the residents who was in a wheelchair for the people who got out on their own. in the end, 39 firefighters came to fight this fire and they said they are not leaving any time soon. >> we will be on scene for a while and when we get daylight, we will be able to assess the structure and determine what is safe to enter and determine its status and continue our fire investigation. >> again back out here live where you can see significant
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damage, this is the area and we still don't know the cause of this fire but as you can see, they want to wait until daylight and there is certainly a lot of debris and they know the structure is understable -- unstable. right now we are in a little bit of a waiting pattern, they can start sifting through and damage is estimated in the hundreds of thousands. >> time now 6:04 two men are recovering after being shot in san jose. jeanine della vega has more. what did they say? >> reporter: it took place near seven trees off the capital expressway and at this point it's too soon to say if it is gang related. they said in the area of easy
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and cast drive police found a man suffering from a gunshot wound to his leg. he heard a come up behind him and that's when he was shot. at the same time they were investigating that shooting they found an 81-year-old being treated for a gunshot wound and he told officers he was shot at easy and another area. >> he heard at one point he was getting shot in the buttocks. >> the locations of the shootings are just a block away from each other and that's why police believe they are connected. nobody appears to have seen the vehicle or what direction they went into, they are also trying to figure out if it was one person who was shot at or if it was 2 people they should be
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looking for. at this point both victims are expected to survive. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and now a fatal collision between a freight train and pedestrian. it happened on big break road. that burlington santa fe train was involved and their railroad is investigating and so far we have no word on how the pedestrian is doing. they are facing off in denver and it's the first of three debates coming up. coming up at 6:15, whether analysts think it will be a key moment for voters. they are taking out those responsible for the libyan tack. four ambassadors were killed.
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options could include drop attacks, raids like the one that killed osama bin laden. however the obama administration is not expected to approve a strike before the november presidential election. this appeared to be a case of mistaken identity and it may actually have been an assassination attempt on americans. they fired into an suv and the associated press reports as evidence a drug cartel infiltrated the police and masterminded that ambush. two cia agents were wounded in that attack. in the meantime fbi are investigating the killing of two border patrol agents. they were investigating those near arizona. so far no arrests have been made but authorities suspect more than one percent fired at
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those agents. it boil -- emotions boiled over at oakland city hall last night. >> can you remove those protesters who will not sit down and refuse to take their seats. >> they say the shooting of alan blueford was unwarranted and unjustified. alan blueford's mother demanded the police report. >> you can turn away from me and act like it don't matter. alan blueford is gone. >> they gave the report to the alan blueford family but that report still leaves many unanswered questions. but they maintain alan blueford pointed a gun at an officer. i think we are off to a decent start and we have not had a lot going on, let's go to
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the bay bridge toll plaza and let's show there is a little bit of a crowd and it is what it is. it is about a five minute delay, 101, that looks good approaching the 880 split getting down to the downtown area and that has been a pretty nice drive heading south. it continues to look good. it is not widespread. santa rosa downtown, 103, 90 downtown and this is a brutal forecast, the city 94 and today a drop of 20 degrees, they tied
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a record high and canfield and mop pit also had a record high. it is still 61 in san francisco which is warmer than antioch and fairfield. they have not shown its glory yet and that's offshore so if you like weather that is a good sign. there is a little fight going on there, but the system is bumping to the north and drawing andrewing low. -- and drawing low. it is breezy to most. inland temperatures will still be in the 90s and we will take that into friday. maybe even partly cloudy skies,
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here is more at the desk. a news anchor is getting attention for her response. >> why she felt the need to talk about her weight in front of a live audience. allegations about some officers is causing a brand-new controversy. are you ready ?
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share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99. erika derry: and the fact that cacalifornia isn't making it a priority frustrates me.
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dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. . welcome back, time now 613,
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causing a scathing controversy for police, a federal judge ordered department investigates on nine police shootings. yesterday a report came out and it said they were sympathetic towards fellow police. it said in several cases officers who opened fire did not face an immediate threat. several officers as well as investigators may be disciplined. they will be staying on the job and city council plans on considering outsourcing in order to save money. however they just pulled out of the building to take over the milpitas law enforcement and they will allow the public to vote on whether the city should outsource police services. >> in syria, at least 31 people
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are dead. three car bombs exploded and it has become a major battleground area for forces. they are trying to take over bashar assad. now a judge has postponed the enforcement of the voter identification law it was dismissed but they say the ruling only applies to this year's voting and is expected to take affect next year. they are taking stage in denver and mitt romney and president barack obama hold their first debate. allison burns joins us live on whether president barack obama will speak first, allison? >> reporter: there will be no answers, no cheering allowed
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for a crowd and they asked them to get to the first question and get the last word. they are taking intense preparations and president barack obama visited hoover dam. even though it is a good way to boost his falling poll numbers they say in the end debates are more about entertainment and few ever made a big difference. >> most of us have already made up our own minds and they are not defining in any particular way. >> here is a look, michelle obama add minute she is very nervous. >> i am like one of those kids watching their kids on the balance beam, you are standing there trying not to have any expression at all. >> ahead of the debates,
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republicans are trying to review president barack obama's ties to germ my wright. i will have more on that in my next update, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are learning more about a man who died. a toxicology test found brett olson had an excessive amount of alcohol in his system. he recently also used cocaine. he recently drowned and his death has been ruled an accident. the coast guard said family members discovered the body not far from where the other man was found on monday. four men were on the boat when a big wave capsized their boat. two of the men were wearing life jackets and were able to make it to shore. the two fishermen who died were
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not wearing life jackets. they are talking about a wisconsin news anchor who criticized a person who criticized her weight. to the person who wrote me that letter, do you think i don't know that your cruel words are pointing out something i don't see. you don't know me, you are not a friend of mine and you are not a part of my family and you have admitted you don't watch this show so you don't know anything about me than what you see on the outside and i am much more than a number on a scale. >> she works for a television station in lacrosse wisconsin and she decided to make that statement and turn an e-mail from an angry viewer into what she called a rallying cry against bullying. >> i feel the need to applaud
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that woman for standing up for herself there. sal, how is the commute? >> talking to dave on the i m, it is ramping up a little bit and getting on the road, you can tell by looking at the commute, you can see how crowded it is and it is not stop and go and when you get to the toll plaza it is stop and go backed up for a 20 to -- 15 to 20 minute delay eastbound at the summersville off ramp there is a crash and tall lie my mistake loan tree way on ramp, there is a minor accident and it is not causing traffic in the commute direction but moving commute across the bay and 101 still looks good on the peninsular so far. let's go to steve.
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well, waiting for that west wind for some. santa cruz harbor, a little bit in san francisco, still most locations have a little bit of a hint of an east breeze. temperatures are always the toughest challenges on the forecasted highs. cooler by the coast, as long as the breeze marches in as advertised it will still be warm to hot in san francisco document 5 from yesterday which is still warm in antioch. san jose 55 and 56 napa, 75 in travis. most locations are calm, a little southwest at santa rosa and there is assure sign that will cool off. this low is being drawn up by a
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cold system in the northern plains but as it draws closer to us, it will usher in fog. very shallow for some. everybody will cool down a lot. 60s and 70s and 80s closer to it and this afternoon we will have a howling sea breeze and we will have a big cool down as we go into the weekend. shoppers are standing by shifting the selection of toys and that will help boost holiday sales. target will feature 20 toys at the front of its aisles. shoppers can then use their smart phones to scan the codes and have them shop for free. they will have exclusive additions. american airlines and the pilots have agreed to get back to bargaining. the union also said they would
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not release the strike organization vote. american ceo said intensive bargaining scheduled to go and it is an outcome they would expect. a dog you would expect to be dead after a crash. and more on how she got stuck in the grill of a car. area nurses on strike for a second straight day, how president barack obama is tied to this labor dispute. ♪ [ male announcer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪
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6:25 am rewards you... for being you. [ frank ] raley's, bel air, and nob hill. for food, for family, and now, something extra -- for you. . they are now entering the second day. now this is a first time in 26 years nurses at this hospital have walked a picket line. nurses say hospital negotiators want to take pay cuts and pay more for their own healthcare. >> it sickens me, it is a shame they are asking the nursing force, the force that drives this hospital to take reductions... >> hospital executives are worried about the hospital
6:26 am
after the affordable healthcare law takes affect. 70% are not fully covered by medicare reimbursements. susie is back with her owner after an incredible story. she ran in front of a car and became stuck in the car's grill. the driver didn't know what happened and a person flagged the driver down. animal control pulled her out of the grill and they aired the story and they found out what happened to their dog. >> i have no idea how she made it without getting killed. >> suzie survived with a concussion and a chipped tooth and her owners say she is a miracle dog. sal, how is traffic this morning? >> you know, it is getting more crowded and we'll see more and more cars joining us for this commute. in the south bay you can still
6:27 am
get ahead as we check in with chp and we don't have any stalls or accidents. also the morning commute is looking good on interstate 880 and traffic continues to move along well, let's go to steve. it looks like they are down towards monterey bay, there are signs of a west wind, 60s, 70s coast and bay and still more inland, pam. they are one win away from the division champs. we will take you on the final day of the season with some good news about the future of the team. we have an early morning fire, we will tell you about how two police officers are being called heros. we will take you live to the opening bell, traders are
6:28 am
going for the opening debate and we'll see what is in store for today.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, that is the new name of the parent company craft, we are talking about craft spinoff and now the new name of the parent company, over on the new york stock exchange, life lock relentlessly protecting your identity and we will have all the business news coming up. it could be quiet and a lot of investors will be waiting for tonight in the presidentialee bait. it -- debate. it will be interesting to see what happens. >> we will be saying good morning and it is wednesday
6:31 am
october 23rd, i am dave clark. in overnight news, firefighters are still busy still at the scene of a house fire in berkeley. claudine wong is there to show us the damage and why this fire was so hard to fight claudine wong? >> reporter: we are here where the duplex sits behind this building that was on fire and they went through this fence and went through here and got to the building and you can see the significant damage to the back of the home. this is a fairly large structure and you can see how bad it was burned and the partial roof collapse which made it a dangerous situation. there are five people who are without a home and damage is estimated in the hundreds. i want to show you the fire fight when they got underway.
6:32 am
they say they knew immediately they had heavy flames from the back of the pulling and those crews arrived on every single side of the home so they evacuated and it ended up being a three-alarm fire. they had firefighters on the scene and there were those who had to be evacuated. she needed help getting out and two police officers this morning are being called heros. >> i think two police officers who removed the report that the heat and smoke were just a above their heads. they entered into an atmosphere which would be challenging. back out here live this is on the area and they are keeping an eye on things. they did have some problems which they call voids. >> reporter: when things come down there is lots of debris
6:33 am
and there are actually places for the fire to hide and they were smoking and smoldering so they had trucks out here for quite a while. most of those trucks are done and they are waiting for daylight because when they get some daylight they can assess which areas are safer to go into and they can figure out what started this fire to begin with. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. two men were hit with gunfire while walking down a street in san jose. jeanine della vega as more. >> reporter: they say it happened while they were walking last night on easy street and from what we can see, it is a pretty well traveled road, we see a lot of cars here. both were drive by shootings which happened within minutes
6:34 am
of each other. they drove by in the area of easy and cast drive. they found a 21-year-old suffering with a gunshot wound to his leg. he heard a car behind him and then he said he was shot at. at the same time they were investigating that they found a man being treated for a gunshot wound after walking in the same area and he felt somebody shoot him from behind. >> nobody was robbed, no gang slurs were yelled at the victims and it appears to be random shootings. >> investigators believe they are connected and they expect them to survive. they have interviewed witnesses in the area but they don't have too much to go on and they don't have anybody in custody
6:35 am
or don't have any description. jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. they will hold their first debate in denver colorado. they are trying to lower expectations. coming up, we will take you live to denver and you will hear which issues will get some special attention tonight. also, they are inviting them to debate watching parties tonight and they will be in san mateo county as well as an yock. the noma -- sonoma republican party will also be holding events. they will be holding a debate watching party attempt spell nightclub. -- at temple nightclub.
6:36 am
it happened near the hillcrest off ramp. highway patrol tells us a car hit the center divide and slammed into an suv. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and the other driver was arrested on suspension of driving under the influence. also on highway 4, antioch police are looking for somebody who has been throwing something off the overpass. three vehicles have been damaged since thursday. one driver had a problem when an object came crashing through his windshield hitting his arm. all incidents happened near g- street. anybody with information is asked to call police. they have already made the playoffs but they are about to make an even bigger accomplishment. live at the coliseum for this afternoon's big game, what is
6:37 am
going on, alex? >> if they win later on today, they will be west division champs and you can bet they will loud later on today. this win last night put the red hot a's in position and they beat the rangers 3-1 and that put them in a tie. they have erased a 13 deficit, almost unthinkable this come back. if they win they go straight to the division series however if they lose the as are still in the playoffs. but it looks tougher. they have to play a do or die game against either the baltimore orioles or the yankees. last night jonny gomes was asked about how much confidence they have going into this game.
6:38 am
>> well, about the same as what we had when we went into the season i am not going to lie to you but just checked another one off the list and that's a great celebration of what we had last night. >> it is another reason for fans to celebrate and they will be staying in oakland for the time-being putting it to 2018. they recently happened the as a five year he can pension and they are reportedly interested. even if they built a ballpark in san jose it would not be ready for another five years. it will be packed and later on season finale will determine the championship.
6:39 am
it will begin 12:35 this afternoon, live in oakland, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> the a's, the giants, look at this, yvonne sent us this photo and this is her baseball bunch. she wanted to show us her group. send them to photo on our website, we might put you on the area, here is sal. things are getting more crowded, we spoke about the a's and traffic looks good as alex mentioned baseball goes for three hours or so give or take and hopefully they will be leaving between 3:00 and 4:00 and you will see an impact of traffic if you drive through here. even if you are not a baseball
6:40 am
and if you should be aware of it for this afternoon's commute. and traffic is backed out to the mcarthur maze metering lights are turned on and it's about an hour before you make it onto the bridge. no problems in san francisco, we had a few accidents on the peninsular, one southbound 101 near third and the accidents have not been major but there was a slow down. if you want to use 280, that would be a good call, let's go to steve. >> we are waiting for some of that fog, it is down around pacific grove, yet they went from west to northeast again. so it has not kicked in yet, other areas are definitely showing a westerly breeze and it is like the little engine
6:41 am
that could. especially inland. this is always a challenging call. they are sitting at 61 and that west wind doesn't kick in we will go with it. tied at a record high, 91 at moffett, although it is 99 closer to reid hill. still 61 in the city. still 62 in oakland and san jose. it is a little northeast at travis. west with at 12. everything is coming together a cold system there drawing up this little low, a cooler pattern is inching closer, inching closer no fog yet, so sunny breezy still 5 to 15 degrees cooler if that wind
6:42 am
really cranks up and cooler for most, very warm for some, still 90s for some. 50s 60s and 70s coast and bay, it looks like a big drop in those temperatures and will carry into the weekend for what looks to be highs in the 70s inland. 6:41, a plan to ban nudity in san francisco. a new effort to keep people covered up. and we will take you live to a presidential debate. we are driving to southern marin find out what you can do to get around them. you disgust me.
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. welcome back, coming up, mitt romney and president barack obama scare off in their debate. here is more with a preview, good morning. >> reporter: the stage is set and you can expect both candidates to deliver some zingers. they will deliver who has a
6:46 am
better plan to make sure this economy turns around. >> well organizers in denver put the final touches on the debate stage and they are putting their final touches on their debate skills. >> reporter: president barack obama and mitt romney will focus on domestic issues, they will focus on the economy something we heard a lot about on the campaign trail. >> what i am most concerned about is having a serious cushion about what we need to do to keep the country growing and restore security for hard working americans. >> do you want four more years for people struggling trying to find a job? >> mitt romney told supporters at a recent campaign stop, the debate is not about winning. >> i think he will be ready and he will be ready on the issues which really what this election is about. >> they are spinning in the
6:47 am
encumbrance favor saying the debate will pressure the challengers. >> they will have to back up their statements and they will be held to cat for more as far as the facts. >> both candidates know every question counts and fumbles can be costly. >> very few can win with a debate and quite a few have lost with a debate. >> they could decide what happens after november 6th. >> voters will get a chance to see them square off two more times before election day. i day. i am sandra back to you. >> we will be streaming the debate live on our website on
6:48 am and our live ipad app. we have a response to that big fire in august at the refinery. protesters want safety improvements and reduced emissions so they plan to march to the refinery at 3:00 this afternoon. yesterday the city council passed a resolution to require chevron to use higher standards to rebuild that unit, the one that started the fire. scott weaner said his office is getting a lot of complaints about naked people who are often outside castro's plaza. now he is proposing a ban on public nudity except for events like beta breakers. the area is known for free expression but some of the nudests have taken it too far. >> hanging out for hours is
6:49 am
going too far. >> we want to show decorum and a little respect because we don't want to push nudity in front of everybody. >> violaters could be fined is hundred dollars for a first offense. now a third offense can lead to a $500 fine for a misdemeanor criminal charge. they will make practice runs for fleet week. don't be alarm if you see schnuck helicopters in the -- helicopters in the sky. they will be participating in the disaster response exercise. also this morning, a hoover craft will be landing on ocean beach so traffic could be rerouted in that area. now fleet week officially kicks off tomorrow on our website, we have posted the exact events when they
6:50 am
could be performing. >> how is the east shore doing? >> it is getting crowded. this is the peak and i would say between 7 and 7:30 which is true to form, when you get to the bay bridge, it is backed up for a 25 minute delay. this has become the new normal since beginning of september, no major problems once you make it on to the bridge. we have had slowed traffic for an early crash which has been cleared up now. as we tilt the maps up to concord, it is slow all the way to concord now. i just retweeted you to calm some people down about the hot weather. >> people -- i mean when you go from 59 to 94 in about four days, it is a shock to the
6:51 am
system although chris said the same thing. they have gone up with relative humidity, santa rosa 75%, so the dryer air is being replaced and the fog is not there yet but inland, humidity at livermore is 39%. cooler by the coast, 60s and 70s, still warm for some, inland 80s and 90s. we are waiting for that westerly breeze, nothing too strong yet. in fact 65 for san jose, 52 for santa rosa. they were west and went east, that is offshore, west at 12, they are snowing up in parts of montana, they will draw this low up and as it does, it will give us a big cool down.
6:52 am
90s to 100s, that was coast bay and inland and cooling trends fire in. they begin higher humidity coast and bay, cooler for most, upper 90s inland and maybe one more day of ukiah or vacaville, other than that, 50s 60s and 70s, 80s and 90s and more likely clouds cooler and breezy. payroll processing company said 162000 private sector jobs were added last month which is better than expected. they are releasing another jobless report on friday. they are taking a stand against me expire as i. they have -- piracy. samsung canceled their ads after finding out musicians are
6:53 am
profiting without compensating them. what is threatening the international space station, and we will tell you what is being done to protect it. a place in the bay area where you may hear that sound but why you don't need to be alarmed. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx.
6:54 am
that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way.
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. welcome back taking you live to the big bored, dow jones industrial average is down 32 points, s&p 500 is up and nasdaq is up, they are leaning a bit towards president barack obama and they will be waiting anxiously for tonight's debate. in just a few hours, a strange noise will be heard in san mateo county. don't be alarmed, they will be testing the tsunami sirens at full volume. this will be different from the monthly tests and those are only done at low volume. that test will last from one to three minutes. a new program will allow people to use their cell phones to fight crime. you will be able to send anonymous text messages to tip off the police about violent
6:57 am
crimes. we will find out more about it when it is launched today. they are cutting jobs and moving teachers to schools. they are notifying parents this week of the changes. it is eliminating 18 teaching jobs that were not filled. attendants is down by more than 500 from last year and the changes are expected to save the district more than $1 million. today is national walk and roll to school day. you may notice more students walking to school and students and passion are planning -- parents are planning on taking part in this event and it is to encourage healthy habits and reduce pollution. they say they may be hit by space junk so they will move
6:58 am
it. there is a more than 1 in 10,000 chance space junk could hit it. how is it looking out there, sal? >> we don't have any major problems but we have some fender benders. let's look at the bay bridge, it is relatively crowded and it's backed up for a 20 to 25 minute delay. traffic on highway four is slower and traffic between walnut creek and oakland is okay. let's go to steve. it looks to be down on pacific grove and it is more of a west wind. 60s and 70s inland. berkeley caused major damage. it is a video you will only see on 2. those amazing a's are in the playoffs and the division could make the division exam happens and we -- champs and we
6:59 am
have some other good news to share with you. we will be right back.

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